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Secure Engineering Training

Upgrade your engineering team by signing them up to this three-day instructor-led, hands-on technical security course. It has been designed specifically for developers and testers, to give them the essential technical security knowledge they need to engineer, attack and thus defend their products and services.

Taking ownership of security and fixing any security defects earlier in the build process reduces remediation costs and re-architecture later down the line. We call this DevSecOps, or shift-left. The concept is simple - do security activities earlier and as part of the agile process in an iterative fashion. This leads to more secure products, fewer data breaches and a better security awareness organisation-wide.

The course covers the processes and techniques behind hacking, making the knowledge accessible and relevant for both developers and testers, to help them defend against cyber criminals. The hands-on course is heaps of fun with many exciting topics covered, challenging and also rewarding. The reward is understanding just how simple it is to hack, and equally how easy it is to defend against many of the basic attacks.

Upgrade your engineering team to help your organisation keep on top of the security landscape and reduce security defects.





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